Thursday, April 17, 2008


The bed and breakfast experience

If you have been to Ireland but haven't stayed in a B&B, you're missing a part of our culture. We have long tried to provide warm and friendly accommodation and you can still experience this with a stay at a B&B. While it is possible to book ahead, it is also possible to go-as-you-please and get accommodation by knocking on doors, especially in the off-season. If the B&B is full, they will redirect you to another premises and phone their friends for help.

I suspect that many of you may have been slightly alarmed at the manner in which your B&B hostess may interrogate you. Before long, your life story has slipped out and the hostess will have learned every detail about your family, work and lifestyle (prepare for a Christmas card with an Irish stamp this December). This is Irish curiosity at its best, rather than noseyness - one of the reasons is that Irish people have a huge family and friend circle and love to discover that you know someone they know. You might think that this is possible in Ireland where the total Island population is 4 million, but it's sometimes possible beyond that, considering our emigration rate to various parts of the world.

So don't be offended if you feel you're being interrogated - it's just our interest in life - your life!

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Whenever I travel, I always prefer B&B or Guesthouses. I get a better feel for the country and people. It's usually cheaper too:-) Am amazed that in Ireland you don't have to book ahead but can just appear on the doorstep and get a room--albeit after a good grilling from the landlady:-)
Thank you very much Peter for your comment on my website.
If you can share your experiences i guess people can learn little bit more.
pinkpackrat - I agree entirely! In Italy, where we visit quite a lot, there are more B&Bs gradually emerging. Unless you visit Ireland during a major festival, you can usually get a bed as you travel without needing to book in advance.

kevin - many thanks for your comment and you've got a really useful blog with loads of great info. Keep up the good work!
My husband and I have been contemplating visiting Ireland, so this is good information to have!
I've enjoyed some B&Bs in Ireland - I think it's the only way to go!
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